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PEG performs service business by design, procurement, construction, and installation for complete engineering works as Turnkey Basis as per the following details

Electrical engineering Works

The company services for design, procurement, construction, and installation of complete electrical engineering works.

High voltage transmission line system construction: To transmit electrical power from generating sources such as hydro power plant or thermal power plant to substations or between substations. System voltage would be 69 kV, 115 kV, 230 kV, or 500 kV and almost all of the transmission line has been owned by EGAT, MEA, PEA, IPP (Independent Power Producer), SPP (Small Power Producer), and large scale industrial factories that be POWER GROUP’s customers.

Renewable energy works

PEG performs services for design, procurement, and construction electrical power plants that use renewable sources such as the wind, solar, bio gas, biomass instead of fuel oil, fuel gas, 

Mechanical and Electrical work (M&E):

PEG performs services for design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of public utility system work such as electrical system, sanitary system, air conditioning and ventilating system, water heat and steam system, and high-pressure piping system.

Energy conservative work

PEG performs has been registered to be a consultant for energy conservation in planning, training, and design for energy saving concept to government offices and industrial factories since the year 2010.

Steel supporting structure an tower

PEG performs manufactures and sales steel supporting structure and tower for electrical engineering work in transmission & distribution system and substation switchyard, for telecommunication work as supporting tower of the guyed mast tower and self-support tower, for outdoor advertising as steel supporting of bill board.

Electrical equipment

PEG preforms sales standard electrical equipment for substation, transmission, and distribution line.

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