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PEG by POWERTech Engineering & Consultant Co., Ltd. registered as a company limited and September 8, 2005, by a group of engineers experienced more than 20 years in transmission line & distribution line system and Power Substation works. With rapid growth,

POWER EEE GROUP’s business can be classified into  major categories as follow;

PEG performs service business by design, procurement, construction, and installation for complete engineering works as Turnkey Basis as per the following details


Electrical engineering Works

Mechanical and Electrical work (M&E):

Steel supporting structure a tower

          All of the High mast, MV, LV, Transmission Line, Substation

Electrical equipment

          All of the High Voltage, MV, LV, Transmission Line, Power Generation, Switch Gear etc.

Renewable energy works

Energy conservative work

         Energy Audit & Engineering Design for Energy saving

Project Development

          Financing, Engineering, Procurement, Construction

MPM Group Co., Ltd.

          Mining Business We are a distributor and distributor of mining machinery for our clients. All kind of mining

      Granite, limestone, iron etc.

MPM Power Modern Co., Ltd.

       Renewable Energy, Micro Grid System, Solar Energy, Energy Storage System

13 November 2019

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